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Photoelectric Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm (ZC-COS001)

Photoelectric Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm detector DC 3V shockproof design long battery life 3 years home & vehicle using 

smoke and co alarm




Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector 
On-top battery compartment 
Alkaline battery 3years use 
Shockproof design for vehicle use


Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector ZC-COS001

 Stand alone, akaline battery operated, over 3 years usage)

 Battery compartment on top for easy battery replacement

• Photoelectric smoke detection

 Electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor

• Different smoke and carbon monoxide alarm audios

• Ceiling or wall mounted
• With quick fix mounting bracket for easy installation
• Tamper resistant pins for batteries
 MCU processing, Test & Hush button
• Auto reset after smoke / co clears
• Auto check malfunction in smoke chamber
• Green LED flashes once every 30s to indicate normal battery supply
• RED LED  flashing and buzzer sounding for alarm indication
• Low  voltage compensation 
• Temperature compensation
• Low battery warning
• Dust-proof, mothproof Design
 Shockproof design suitable for vehicle use
• Anti white light interference
• Anti RF Interference (20v/m -1GHz)


Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector Technical Pramaters:


Operating Voltage DC 3V (2pcs AA alkaline batteries)
Static Current 10uA
Alarm Current 25mA
Warm-up Time 3 minutes
Hush Time 10 minutes
CO Alarm Level

40ppmX75ppm, alarm after 75 minutes

75ppmX<200ppm,  alarm after25 minutes

    200ppmX, alarm after 30-50s (sensor stabling time)
< 40ppm,  alarm reset

Smoke Sensitivity 0.16dB/m (0.05dB/m)
Alarm Indication Red LED
Failure Indication Yellow LED
Sound Level 85dB/3m
Alarm Audios Smoke: Di-Di-Di...; CO: DiDiDiDi...
Working Temperature -10c ~ +50c
Humidity 95RH (No Congelation)
Installation Mode Wall or ceiling mounted
Dimension 110*45mm

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